31 Days Of Gratitude

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whiteIt’s the 1st of December. It’s officially ok to start putting up the Christmas d├ęcor, to buy mince pies and indulge in mulled wine (I absolutely love the stuff!). It’s the season for family, presents, singing and food. It’s also the season of making lists of things we want…

I spent a lot of time thinking about this fact today. Over the last 6 months I have learnt to live with very little. The one thing I have learnt from doing this is that you don’t need much to be happy. It seemed to me that the less ‘stuff’ I had, the less I had to worry about and the happier I became.

My mother asked me recently what I wanted for Christmas. I honestly hadn’t thought about it and couldn’t think of anything I really wanted aside from some new socks (as I had walked holes in the ones I had) and maybe some nice underwear (because who doesn’t like nice underwear?!). If I had to be completely honest, I had no idea what I ‘wanted’ and went straight for what I needed… I did however go back to her a couple hours later with a request for an adult colouring in book as I think they are fab and a fantastic way to relax but that was literally after searching for something to put on my list.

You see, the thing I find sad is the fact that the festive season seems to have become very much about getting things… So when my lovely friend Carishma Basday posted about doing 31 Days Of Gratitude during the month of December as a way to honour all the fantastic things in her life, big and small, I got really excited about doing my own 31.

The truth as I see it is, we get so focused on what isn’t there (in our lives) that sometimes we lose sight of the wonderful things that are.

Today I posted the first of my 31 things: I am grateful for the small moments I get to witness through my work. The ones that renew my faith in people, love and happiness… These are usually the ones that take place while no one is watching. A smile and cuddle between mother and daughter on her wedding day or the giggle of your first child when your husband tickles him. The moments that make life so uniquely your own.

Why not join in and do your own 31 Days Of Gratitude? Come on over to Instagram and hashtag your posts with #31DaysOfGratitude and tag me @maxeenkim. Together we can spread a little love, happiness and positivity this festive season.

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