9 Principles for a Happy Week

pinkstipesyellowMonday’s are probably one of the hardest day’s to get out of bed. You’ve either had a fantastically busy and fun filled weekend, so you would probably relish the opportunity of an extra day to sleep in, or you’ve had a wonderfully relaxed last 2 days and cannot bear the thought of going back out into the working world to sit behind a desk and type away at some important (or not?) document. Obviously, as weddings take place mainly on weekends, this is slightly different for me, but back to you…

When I started this blog I promised that I would deliver motivation for getting out of bed every Monday morning. Today is a Monday, below is your motivation!

Courage and Curls, Monday Motivation, 9 Steps to a Positive Week

These are your 9 principles for this week. Motivation that’s simple and easy to follow, starting with principle one: THINK POSITIVELY!

So get out of bed, get dressed and get your backside out the front door. Today is going to be a good day!

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