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bluestipesI had been keeping a rather large secret… For a whole 6 months! I had made my decision in January. I had saved. I had organised. I had planned. I was ready! Well, I was ready for everything except telling anyone what I had decided. I was terrified that they wouldn’t understand. That they would tear apart my idea. That they would plant the seeds of doubt, and that they would grow into fear, and stop me from making the jump.

I had sat staring at my computer screen for about 15 minutes having an internal argument with myself over whether or not to push the publish button on my blog post… I held my breath, closed my eyes and hit ‘enter’. It was done. At 10am the following morning it would go live. I would be sitting on a plane and I would not know what anyone thought about my plan until I arrived in Cyprus – and by then it would be too late!

To date, that post, The Big Adventure, has been the most viewed and shared post I have ever published on my photography blog. I was blown away by the response I got from people reading it. It was actually the catalyst for Courage & Curls. Taking that leap of faith and packing my bags was the single scariest thing I have ever done and I’m so glad I didn’t tell anyone about it before.

My trip has changed, refocused, expanded and set my life in the most beautiful and different direction. It has stretched me and introduced me to parts of myself that I had long forgotten or just never discovered. I have watched amazing sunsets, met beautiful, interesting and made amazing life long friends.

So in an effort to inspire you to explore more of the world and chase down your own gorgeous sunsets, I will be sharing images of some of the beautiful places I’ve visited on my journey. The best part? I have lots of friends who travel, and they’re dying to share their trips with you too. So every Tuesday from now on, I hope you find time to visit and get a healthy dose of travel inspiration to help you plan your future holidays.

But for now, I would like to encourage you to day-dream outrageous adventures and maybe, just maybe, plan on making that jump and embark on your own Big Adventure!

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