grayfurrySince the beginning of the year I have found myself experiencing a desperate need to write poetry. This is nothing new. I used to write loads when I was a teenager. I had a book full of little messages from my heart to the universe which I protected fiercely and hid from the world.

Admittedly, things have changed since I was a teenager. I’ve changed and my writing has too. Something amazing happens to you¬†when you go passionately in the direction of all the things you want in life. Your perspective shifts. You get to know parts of yourself that you didn’t realise where there. This is not always easy but it is so worth it. I now know who I am, where I want to go. I can say that I finally met ‘me’, and I kind of love her!

Courage and Curls, Passion And Poetry, Be Fearless

I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s time to be brave and share my writing with the world instead of hiding it. What is the point of creating something beautiful if you aren’t going to use it to inspire someone else or make them smile? So going forward, I hope to share a poem with you once a month – because this is my year to be fearless!

Do you have any passions or talents that you have not indulged lately? What is it that makes you feel alive inside? When was the last time you took some time out to do those things?

I hope today’s post inspires you to make the time… Because¬†life is too short to be anything but happy!

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