What A Tennis Player Taught Me About Positivity

pinkstipesyellowIt’s Monday so it’s time for your weekly dose of motivation. I blogged about this for the first time in July this year over on my photography blog┬ábut, I think that this principle is pretty important so I’ve decided to share it again.

In April a friend of mine, who happens to be a professional tennis player, was in London and we got to catch up for dinner for the first time in 5 years. I always think you can tell if you’re good friends if you can talk like you saw each other yesterday, even if that wasn’t the case. So after a couple of hours catching up on careers, travels and everything else life entails, it was time to pay the bill.

Now as I have mentioned before, I am a collector of quotes. It’s a problem! I absolutely love them. When I was still working in an office, I wrote out the ones I liked on Post-It notes and stuck them around my computer screen – I also had them hiding in my desk draws too. My wallet was no different. I had scraps of paper slipped in everywhere with little words that I found inspirational scrawled across them. So, when I opened my wallet to pay, one of my most recent, favourite quotes was right on top of everything, next to a photo of my little cousin. It said:



My friend looked over at me and said, “Max, why do you have that in your wallet?”. To which I replied, “It’s to remind me never to settle for being mediocre.” He looked at me, thinking then said, “Ok but what should you be ‘being’ instead?” I sat back and thought for a minute before replying, “I should be awesome everyday.” He smiled, “You should have that written in your wallet. That way you will not be reminded about the fact that life could be mediocre. You will always focus on the positive. You will always focus on being ‘awesome’!”

He had a point… There is so much negativity in the world. Why would I tell myself not to do something when it is far easier to just say to myself, “do this!”. Positivity is key! So now, next to the photo of my little cousin (who is quite cute), I have a credit card sized print that looks like this:

Courage and Curls, Today Be Awesome, Positivity

So today I want to encourage you to focus on the ‘happy’. I know it’s hard to do sometimes but by leaving yourself a little note like I do, you will see it and it will make a difference as it will keep reminding of what’s important; Today, be AWESOME!

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