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whiteI sat in the ruins and rubble of my life. It had taken me years to build it and only a few words; one sentence… to cause it to all come crumbling down around me. Trust is very much like that too. I felt lost. Confused. Desperate. What do I do next???

I took myself out for coffee (you will come to see that a walk and a coffee is most definitely my ‘thing’). Once again I found myself in Starbucks, this time flicking through Pinterest. I am a lover of poetry and collector of pretty words (well a virtual collector… As in I have a Pinterest board called ‘Beautiful Words’). I was distracting myself by pinning photo’s of some kind of bohemian gorgeousness that I would have loved in my closet when I found it… Once again, printed in black and white right there in front of me:

Courage and Curls, Why Not Me, Personal Musings,

So why not me? I put my phone down and debated this. I had no reason to stay. There was nothing left keeping me here… I could go anywhere. My job is based online after all! So what did I want to do? – To be honest, right at that moment I wanted to melt into mud. So, better question; what had I always wanted to do? Well, at that moment the only thing I could think of was what I had always wanted to do when I was a teenager. The dream of a crazy sixteen year old who wanted to see all of Europe. I could not be serious! Could I?

And that was how my great adventure across Europe began. It took me six months of saving and planning, but this was where it began. With a few beautiful words…

So, on this lovely Friday, I would like to pose the same question to you. What is it that you want to do more than anything? Where do you want to go? Don’t be afraid to dream – and dream big! After all, why not you?

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